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The book aims at presenting novel research in the area of military, civilian and cyber surveillance. The topics will cover a broad range of surveillance in action related applications as well as the latest advances in the field, including, the presentation of novel research methods that are in the service of defense organizations. The book will cover space, air and maritime surveillance using different modalities such as satellites, drones, radar and advanced imaging technologies with enhanced spatial and spectral capabilities. Then, other novel methods and applications utilized in the everyday life of modern citizens will be presented, including video and image analysis, target recognition as well as forensics and biometric technologies. Next, the book will review existing and discuss novel techniques in the areas of cybersecurity and social networks for counterterrorism. Finally, the book will cover another set of very important aspects of surveillance in action as these are evolving in the light of globalization, namely, ethics and privacy, and will discuss how they affect the development of standards, government policies, and citizens’ lives.


  • Surveillance in Action Technologies review
  • Military Surveillance technologies
    • Satellite surveillance technologies
    • Drones surveillance challenges and techniques
    • Border and maritime surveillance
    • Military surveillance in general
    • Desktop- or mobile-based applications that can access and process surveillance-related information
  • Civil Surveillance
    • Automatic video surveillance
    • Novel biometrics (e.g. face recognition) and forensics technologies
    • Aural surveillance technologies
    • Sentiment surveillance
    • De-anonymization and data inferring techniques
  • Cyber Surveillance
    • Network security and surveillance
    • Cyber surveillance in various applications such as social networks
    • Surveillance techniques for counterterrorism
    • Digital forensics analysis
    • Internet surveillance systems
  • Surveillance vs. Ethics & Privacy
    • Ethics in surveillance
    • Civilian and military ethics
    • Politics of surveillance


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The abstract of the proposed book chapter should be submitted first and upon approval the full chapter should be prepared and submitted for peer review.

The abstract should be less than one page long and it should contain three references.

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The full chapter should be formatted according to Springer's Book manuscript guidelines.

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Abstract Submission

02 May 2016 29 May 2016
5:00 PM (EST)

Full Chapter Submission

16 December 2016
5:00 PM (EST)

Notification of Acceptance

13 February 2017
5:00 PM (EST)

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10 April 2017
5:00 PM (EST)


Panagiotis Karampelas

Department of Informatics & Computers
Hellenic Air Force Academy
Dekelia Air Base, 13671, Attica,

Thirimachos Bourlai

Multispectral Imagery Lab, AERB 337
Lane Department of Comp. Science and Elect. Engineering
West Virginia University, PO Box 6109, Morgantown, WV 26506, U.S.A.

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